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a) Standardization and Pre-Assembly

1. Doors and Windows Standardisation

We all know that to realize the full potential of the construction industry, we need to bring greater standardization into practice. Having recognized that the doors and windows and their related components as important products which can be standardized early, CCPS and IIA (Northern Chapter) has launched the Doors and Windows Standardization Initiative.

A survey of 1500 professionals was conducted to identify the most commonly used sizes of D&W in India. Based on this survey certain sizes were short listed as standard sizes to be used in commercial and non-commercial construction. These standards are however optional and not mandatory.

The survey findings were taken up with Municipal of Urban Development and CPWD published a manual on “Door & Window Details for Residential Buildings Volume-I” including sizes suggested by CCPS. CPWD also has issued an Office Memorandum dated 14.03.2006 to follow these sizes in the departments.

Now we have received intimation from CPWD to work on Review of standardized door/window sizes and its implementation. Download letter from CPWD

CCPS is working actively with members and CPWD for this standardization initiative.

Other Activities

Standardization and Pre Assembly

  1. Doors and Windows Standarization
  2. Glass and Glazing Standardization

Training Programmes

  1. Training Programmes by CCPS
  2. Training of workers

Manuals and Publications

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  2. Power Tools Manual

Market Research

  1. Building Permit Data
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