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Building Permit Data

It is well known that real estate and associated development are among the primary drivers of economic growth. The real estate sector is not only important in itself but also because it creates demand for goods and services, affecting all other sectors in the economy and the lives of the people.

An absence of available data for real estate in India has often resulted in short-sighted and poorly informed policy-making and ineffective urban and regional planning. Unavailability of data has perpetuated disorganization in the real estate market and hampered its growth. To bring in a greater degree of organization it is essential to begin the compilation, publication and analysis of construction data in our planning and policy making process.

Building Permit data is an effective tool that reflects real estate trends and is important for decision makers who need to understand the economy and predict changes. Reliable and easily available data is a necessary element for planning and analysis. The world over, permit data as indicative of investment and development in real estate, and is used as a gauge of the economy.

CCPS took the initiative to start compiling data of this kind by working with the MCD to collect the data of permits issued for construction of new buildings or renovation of old ones. This data is then compiled and analyzed to help in fore casting trends and demand of construction products in near future

Sh. Deepak Gahlowt, Hon. Convener, was invited as a special invitee in the meetings of Technical Advisory Group formed by Reserve Bank of India and has given the presentation on the work done so far. Now TAG has submitted its report on ‘Development of Housing Start - Up Index in India’ to Governor, RBI. Report can be downloaded from

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