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Press Releases

Ishanya and CCPS tie-up to improve craftsmanship in interiors and exteriors

  • Training and Development Centre to be set up jointly for quality excellence in craftsmanship in interiors and exteriors
  • Consumers and industry to benefit

Ishanya, India’s first International Design Centre and Speciality Mall, is entering into an exclusive and unique agreement with the Confederation of Construction Products and Services, (CCPS), that will create not just training facilities for all connected with the interiors and exteriors, but will, in essence, establish standards that mean quality assurance and excellence for workmanship in the industry.

A jointly promoted and managed Training and Development Centre -- the Ishanya-CCPS Training and Development Centre -- located at Ishanya, in Pune is being set up to help bring about the improvements.

“We will work towards making the Ishanya-CCPS Training and Development Centre a world-recognized body in training and certification. Our training programmes will link theory to practice. They will ensure that the latest and the best, whether in products or design or materials is not just understood and absorbed as knowledge but practically implemented by craftsmen across the industry. We are happy to be at such a unique pan-India venue like Ishanya that has so many training facilities with its convention centre, amphitheatre, design studios, etc. and are impressed with its commitment to the industry,” said Mr. Kunwar Narayan, COO, AIS Glass Solutions Ltd., who signed the agreement on behalf of CCPS.

“It is a unique agreement that should be of immense benefit both to the interiors and exteriors industry architect and design fraternity, home and office owners and product manufacturers by emphasizing quality excellence and knowledge through training and development. The Ishanya-CCPS Training and Developmental Centre will become a hallmark for the industry. This partnership will enable consumers and industry to use new materials and technologies effectively bridging the current gap between technology and its actual on-site application,” said Mr. I. S. Narula, CEO and President, Ishanya”.

This Centre will focus on:

  • Training for students, engineers, craftsmen, consumers, etc.
  • Creating, maintaining and making available to all a Database on certified craftsmen,
  • Setting up industry wide standards and specifications
  • Providing a documentation center and library
  • Instituting design competitions
  • Encouraging events to promote quality

The Ishanya-CCPS certification for craftsmen should be virtually a quality assurance that will greatly benefit all home and office owners. The Ishanya CCPS partnership will bring trained and certified craftsmen into the field. Training will be provided to engineers supervisory staff and consumers / laymen on the correct selection, usage and application of various products and materials. A database of trained craftsmen will also be maintained for the use of CCPS members as well as Ishanya customers.

About CCPS:

The Confederation of Construction Products and Services is a non-profit organisation which represents Producers and Distributors of Construction Products and Services and is dedicated to the sustainable growth of construction products sector by working collectively with its members and others to improve quality and efficiency in construction.

Besides providing a common platform for construction product sector to share and resolve issues of common concern, the CCPS also facilitates interaction and exchange between the product sector and the government, the construction professionals and the consumer, bringing together the entire construction chain.

CCPS works on the following major thrust areas:

  • Product Standards and Codes of practice
  • Training of workers
  • Standardization and pre-assembly
  • Market Data

About Ishanya:

Ishanya is India’s first International Design Centre and Speciality Mall for interiors and exteriors. Promoted by Deepak Fertilizers And Petrochemicals Corp. Ltd., it houses 52 product and service categories spread over a 10 acre plot with 5,50,000 sq.ft. of built up space. Besides retail spaces, Ishanya will offer a convention center, exhibition halls, an amphitheater, a creativity center, art galleries, business center, ample parking, etc.


April 23, 2006

Press Releases

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