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Benefits of Membership

Provide common platform for construction product sector

  • Opportunities for different product groups to interact
  • Plan together and undertake action
  • Present coordinated plans and strategies

In this, CCPS

  • Takes inputs from members and others
  • Conducts independent research and develop databases
  • Offers analytical services
  • Communicates benefits and promotes improvements

To facilitate interaction and exchange between the product sector and the

  • government
  • construction professionals
  • the consumer

Products Standards and Code of Practice – CCPS is committed to

  • Making, updating and promoting standards
  • Developing code of practice ( relevant to Indian condition)
  • Correct use of products

Training of workers / professionals

  • CCPS believes that a widespread training program that can successfully upgrade skill levels of workers and professionals
  • Contributes to the personal development, benefits everyone.
  • You as a leading precast company, of course benefits if your products are installed / used well;
  • The consumer benefits because they get better value for the money;
  • and the workers benefits because better skills can translate into, direct economic benefits as well as improved status in the society

Standardisation and pre-assembly

  • CCPS is already working towards the use of standard sized and dimensionally coordinated products, as well as pre-assembled and pre-fabricated components.
  • We believe, it is a proven way to increase efficiency and quality and reduce construction time on site.
  • CCPS works to identify products or technologies that can be potentially pre-assembled and pre-fabricated, and promotes awareness regarding the benefits of standardisation

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